Due to popular demand and a general boost in the grape industry, we at Schutz Industries are developing and are in the final stages of completing our new 2018 ECO Mulcher.

After discussing the previous model, some of our larger clients pointed out a couple of improvements that would enhance the machine.

  1. The distribution of material at a constant rate was good.
  2. The addition of a 12mm Polystone 7000 floor on a previous machine allowed the distribution of materials like Compost, Grape-Mark and animal waste.
  3. Also, a rear Hydraulic Tail Gate was fitted to help with loading and containment of loose products.
  4. Due to the amount of Hydraulic capacity needed to operate this mulcher we decided to use a Tractor PTO and Geared Tandem Pumps to suit our requirements.
  5. Sharp turning was an issue in some irregular shaped Vineyards. A large capacity, robust oil reservoir was designed to fit tractors from 75hp-120hp Cat2 linkage complete with a goose neck pivot on top of the tank.
  6. This allows a tractor to turn extremely sharp at the end of the rows without PTO 'chatter’ or hydraulic hoses being kinked.
  7. The tank is suspended by a swivel joint and when the mulcher is parked, two drop leg stands pivot down and the PTO is disconnected and simply lowered down onto the legs via linkage and released.
  8. The Mulcher is very robust with heavy-duty taper sleeve bearings, 2” pitch 2080H conveyor chains, large extra heavy wall rotors and conveyor drums. All structured material and pressings are over-engineered to give a trouble free 'long life'. For example, some  of our machines are 12 years old and have distributed 25-30 thousand big square or round bales. Some contractor units even more, with trouble free operation.
  9. The Mulcher is operated using an in-cab controller, allowing all functions and feed rates using your 12-volt auxiliary socket for power.
  10. A large shatter proof window allows the operator to help govern feed rates and loading requirements.
  11. Another use for the mulcher is distributing high moisture large bales into a wind-row to allow airing to be re-baled and salvaged.
  12. The mulcher has a narrow operating width to suit compact vineyards.
  13. Large capacity! Can distribute a 5 x 4 round bale in 2 minutes.